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BELOW are the documents you need to print out for the DVAS shows. The titles are self explanatory. To open just double click on the file name.

These files require the FREE program Adobe Reader to be present on your computer. Most people have this program on their computer, but if you don’t  then, you will need to download and install Adobe Reader. As our documents are in PDF format, this program( Adobe Reader) must be present on your computer so the file will open and be readable and editable.. ( in others words, so the files we provide will work for YOU )

Here are the links.

If you have an  APPPLE/Mac Computer:

If you have a PC Computer:


These files below are  for our shows. Only print out the ones you need and bring them to registration for the shows.  Double click on the purple title to open and READ and/or write to them; then print what you require.

1. File #1 (called DVAS NEW INVENTORY SHEET) is the inventory sheet for our records file. note, this is a NEW FILE – it must now first be printed and filled in by hand.


2. File #2 (called page of 8 tags) is a sheet of small tags. Print on Cardstock and fill it out yourself with your painting’s information in your handwriting.

Page of 8 tags

3. File #3 , DVAS Price:Info Card is an editable file for you to use for your price tags. you fill in the information on the computer and THEN print it out on Cardstock. This price tag goes on your painting/artwork.

DVAS price with info card

4. File #4 ( called Price list May 2012) is for minimum pricing based on painting sizes.You do not have to print this file out to attend the shows. It is for your information only.

Price list 

5. Empty Name Tag – size of a business card

name tag card

If you need help, ask !! (



(excerpts taken from OPOS #286 Newsletter Nov. 2012)

This article by Chris Tyrell Loranger wrote that in order to connect with customers, an “Artist’s Statement” is more valuable than the typical static information posted beside a work of art, ie: title, medium, date.

Customers want to understand the artist’s inspiration or intent for a particular work; they want to make an emotional connection with the artist.

Therefore, as artists, we should, “Think carefully about … how we communicate with potential customers” when we display our art.

The longer price cards we have made (see DVAS price with info card) are a good opportunity to let viewers know more about what inspired us to paint the particular piece.

For pdfs of our price cards and more go to Show Documents