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DVAS has a “Creative Professionals’ Zone” account with DeSerres.ca, a Canada-wide arts and crafts store. DeSerres has a bricks-and-mortar store on Barrington Street, and also an online store at Deserres.c

A DeSerres Zone card offers savings, for both online and in-store shopping. The amount of the discount varies with each product, but discounts apply to ALL products purchased through our DVAS corporate account. 

Each member of DVAS must have his or her own Zone card for their own use.

To shop online you will need to add yourself (as a “sub-account”) to the DVAS Master account. To shop in the store you will need a card, so you will still need to add yourself to the DVAS Master account.


If you already have a discount card, you can ignore this.

If you don’t have a discount card and want to get one, here are the registration instructions: 

1. Log on to DeSerres.ca and look for (at the bottom right of the home page) a grey logo, called Zone Corporate Services.” Click on the Zone Corporate Services logo.

2. A new page (https://www.deserres.ca/en/creative-professionals-zone )will open called “Creative Professionals’ Zone.” Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the red “Apply Now” button. 

3. Now another new page will open. Click on the black bar titled, “Join an Existing Business.” It will prompt you to enter the “Company Zone Number.” Enter the number: 101503. (This is our DVAS Master account number.) Click on the “Search” button. 

4. Now enter your name, email address, and a password of your choosing. Click on the “Acceptance of Conditions” button, and then click on the black bar “Submit account creation request.”

5. You will receive an email notifying you of your success.

Mary Lou Whitehorne

DVAS Membership Coordinator

Message from the President:

On behalf of your executive, I would like to welcome all new members and returning members to DVAS for 2019. The year 2018 was challenging for several of our members who lost spouses. I would like to acknowledge Sandra Harrison, Mary Lou Whitehorn, and Marilyn Hatfield who lost their husbands but who still continue to come to studio group and inspire the rest of us with their beautiful artwork. I would also like to acknowledge Karl Cunningham who lost his wife and who continues to grace the studio group with his presence each week. The members of DVAS were sorry to hear of the recent passing of Franck Stevenson (former DVAS president) . Franck brought much joy and expertise to the group.

There is camaraderie in belonging to this studio group. This year our studio group is at capacity at the Findlay Community Centre.

Our annual show at the Craig gallery is happening this spring. Our monthly workshops will feature favourite returning artists as well as new ones to motivate our membership.

I would personally like to thank all the members of the executive for the work and support that they have given to DVAS over the past year. May we all be inspired by the works of others.

~ Sandra Grebeldinger


Anyone is welcome to write something for this section. If it’s seasonal, we take it down after a while, so make it general and it will stay for a year. ________________________

Mary Lou Whitehorne, FRASC

2019 will be busy with travel to inspiring places: Yorkshire, Maine, Newfoundland, and yet again, Canada’s irresistibly magnificent Rocky Mountains. Lots to paint! I’ll be doing an online workshop with BC artist Mike Svob, and have also begin to study the work of the late and great Quebec artist, Bruno Coté.

Visit my online gallery: MaryLouWhitehorne.ca



(excerpts taken from OPOS #286 Newsletter Nov. 2012)

This article by Chris Tyrell Loranger wrote that in order to connect with customers, an “Artist’s Statement” is more valuable than the typical static information posted beside a work of art, ie: title, medium, date.

Customers want to understand the artist’s inspiration or intent for a particular work; they want to make an emotional connection with the artist.

Therefore, as artists, we should, “Think carefully about … how we communicate with potential customers” when we display our art.

The longer price cards we have made (see DVAS price with info card) are a good opportunity to let viewers know more about what inspired us to paint the particular piece.

For pdfs of our price cards and more go to Show Documents