Dartmouth Visual Arts Society

Message from the President

President’s Message: Sandra Grebeldinger, July 2, 2021

Fellow Artists,

Well summer has arrived early, along with the heat and humidity! At least we have so far been spared what is happening in BC. I do hope that you are all safe and that most of you have managed to get your second vaccine shot.

The Craig Gallery Show was a success and I want to thank Kathy Snell for her work in arranging all this. I went in to see the show and it looked wonderful. Congratulations to those of you who sold paintings and to Janet Warnes for People’s Choice Award.

I do hope that you have found time to paint this summer. I personally am so looking forward to getting back to Studio Group; I really miss the dynamics of the group.

Come September, we will also get back to starting up the Workshop Program again.  Violet Robertson is stepping down from the job of booking the artists. We are looking to replace her by September if possible, so that the new person has an opportunity to work with Violet. 

If any of you have an interest in taking on this role, could you let me know?

Since I joined DVAS several years ago, the fee for workshops has always been $35 for members and $50 for non-members. Over the years the cost of booking artists has increased substantially as well booking the actual venue. Consequently, we are now in the position where we are incurring substantial losses in conducting these workshops to the point where fees must be raised to offset these increased costs. 

We have traditionally been prepared to underwrite some of the costs to members as a benefit of membership but we must now look at a fee which is reflective of the actual costs to DVAS.

The Executive will be meeting next week to determine the details of the fee increases which will be effective as of September 2021. We will communicate these changes to the DVAS membership as soon as the revised fees are set.

Meanwhile, have a wonderful summer.

Sandra Grebeldinger

President DVAS