Dartmouth Visual Arts Society

Thursday DVAS Studio Group

Three sessions per year, ten weeks per session, on Thursdays, 9am to 12:30 pm, at the Findlay Centre on Elliot St in Dartmouth. Hope to see you there – rain or shine!

Sessions usually begin in September, January and March. Members will receive Emails with exact dates. If we’ve got your interest, contact Sandra Harrison by clicking here: studiogroup@DartmouthVisualArts.ca 

Come and join us!  You’ll have fun, make a new friend, and enjoy a laugh or two.  Share your paintings, learn from others, pick up some new tricks. You’ll find us to be very open, friendly, and supportive. Anyone who is a paid-up member of DVAS can join.

There is no facilitator at these sessions, but many experienced artists attend and are willing to offer suggestions and/or critique if asked. We have fledgling painters as well as those more experienced, and each of us learn from the others.  Don't be shy about attending. We are a most welcoming group, who share a fabulous passion! What more wonderful and productive way of passing the winter months, than doing what we all love to do?

Come have fun, learn new things, make new painting buddies, and find out what’s going on in the Art World. Note we PAINT using all mediums (odorless, of course and… thanks for that!) Let's get painting!


Findlay Centre on Elliot St in Dartmouth

9am to 12:30pm, each session runs for 10 weeks

Studio Group "WINTER" session will runs January 9 to March 12, 2020. It's open to paid up members of DVAS.

Sandra Harrison, Studio Group Wrangler